28th March 2021 Current Affairs || 28-03-2021 Daily Current Affairs

28th March 2021 Current Affairs || 28-03-2021 Daily Current Affairs

Indian fast bowler Vinay Kumar has retired from international cricket. What is the nickname of Vinay Kumar?
1) Bombay duck
2) Davanagere Express
3) King of the swing
4) Haryana Express
5) Karachi Express

Answer-2) Davanagere Express

Who authored the book ‘Advantage India: The Story of Indian Tennis’?
1) Sania Mirza
2) Vijay Amritraj
3) Sushil is guilty
4) Kadambari Murali
5) Anindya Dutta

Answer-5) Anindya Dutta

03-03-2021 CA
What percentage of domestic vehicle sales recorded growth in the month of February.

Answer: 1

The Andhra Pradesh state government has finalized road development agreements worth crores of rupees with the New Development Bank.
1706 Co || Rs.
1860 Co || Rs.
1504 crore || Rs.
1255 crore || Rs.

Answer: 2

The Central Highways Department of India has estimated how many thousands of crores of rupees will be saved through the Fastag policy.
10 thousand co || Rs.
15 thousand co || Rs.
20 thousand co || Rs.
18 thousand co || Rs.

Answer: 3

The Indian National Judicial Academy is located in any city.

Answer: 2

Former President Nicolas Sarkozy has been sentenced to three years in prison for corruption. Identify that country.

Answer: 2

The Center has released Rs 1,000 crore to the states to cover the GST deficit under the 18th tranche.
4000 crore || Rs.
3000 crore || Rs.
5000 crore || Rs.
6000 crore || Rs.

Answer: 1

What percentage growth will be recorded in 2021 India-wide GST collections?

Answer: 3

CC cameras have recently been set up in a state municipality in India to protect cows. But identify that state.

Answer: 4

The Union Government of India has revealed how many lakh crore rupees the agricultural credit limit has been increased in the current budget.
10.34 lakh || Co || Rs.
9.8 lakhs || Co || Rs.
16.5 lakh || Co || Rs.
12.38 lakh || Co || Rs.

Answer: 3

Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi recently roasted a corona vaccine made by which company?
Estrogen Ca.
Johnson & Johnson

Answer: 1

Who is the new Chairman of Confederation of Indian Industry (CII)?
Nageshwara Rao

Answer: 2

Vijayawada Railway Division has set a record by handing over the number of trains in goods transport to other divisions in a single day.

Answer: 4

Who took over as MD of Dredging Corporation of India?
L. Vinod Roy
K. Gopal Das
S. Radheshyam
G. Victor

Answer: 4

The American company Recorded Future in its report revealed that the reason for the city of Mumbai in India being dark for a day was that there was no Chinese cyber attack. However the incident took place on any date in Mumbai.
October 12, 2020
November 1, 2020
2020 December 2
November 16, 2020

Answer: 1

Which computer company created the first computer from the plastic waste of the sea?

Answer: 4

Computer maker HP has developed the first consumer PC using plastic waste at sea.
The move was built on the firm’s commitment to sustainability. The company manufactures Pavilion 13, Pavilion 14, and Pavilion 15 laptops using sea-bound plastics. The company estimates that the use of plastics in such electronic devices could move 92,000 plastic bottles from oceans and landfills. The outer boxes and fiber cushion used to pack laptops are also made of 100% recyclable material. According to HP, these pavilion PCs have Wi-Fi 6, which provides Wi-Fi speeds four times faster. Furthermore, it offers 75% less delay.

How many billion dollars has the central government announced to invest in the maritime sector in the next ten years?
$ 82 billion.
$ 72 billion.
$ 80 billion.
$ 92 billion.

Answer: 1

Which day is celebrated around the world every year on March 3?
National Security Day
Wildlife Conservation Day.
World Civil Defense Day
World Consumer Rights Day

Answer: 2

No state has reservations for 75 percent of the youth in the state in private sector jobs
Government approved?
Andhra Pradesh

Answer: 1

ISRO has launched “Sidhu Netra” satellite from any state
– Andhra Pradesh

No bank has donated Rs 11 crore to the PM Cares Fund

When is Zero Discrimination Day observed?
– 1 March 2021

Vinesh Fogat won no medal in the 53 kg weight category in Ukrainian wrestling
– Gold medal

NHAI holds the world record for the longest running 54 km of road
– 18 hours

Who won the women’s singles title at the Uganda International Badminton Tournament?
– Malvica Bansod

Who is the new Chief Secretary of Bihar – Arun Kumar Singh?

Golden Motion Picture 2021 Best Motion Picture Drama Award at any film

The world famous musician died at the age of 76, what was his name?
– Baldev Sharan Narang.

After the merger of Rajya Sabha and Lok Sabha TVs, now it has no name
– Parliament TV.

No award was given to Dr. Omnakutty, a famous singer from Karnataka
– Swati Music Award

Who won the Sera Week Global Energy and Environment Leadership Award – Narendra Modi

Archaeological Survey of India has found a Buddhist monastery in which state – Jharkhand

No medal for Vinesh Fogat at the wrestling tournament in Kiev Ukraine
Won – gold medal

Which computer company created the first computer from the plastic waste of the sea – HP.

How many months has Pramod Chandra Modi extended his tenure as CBDT President?
3 months

Who was nominated for the Sahitya Akademi Fellowship Award?
– Velacheru rain

Which country launched the first Arctic reconnaissance satellite
– Russia

Who won the desert title
– Krishna Kumar Parik

Who has been appointed to the post of Principal Director General of the Press Information Bureau
– Jaideep Bhatnagar

Which summit will be inaugurated by Prime Minister Narendra Modi on March 2?
– Maritime India Summit.

Miss India Delhi (2019), young entrepreneur Mansi Sehgal has joined which political party? – Aam Aadmi Party.

Who is the only cricketer to have 100 million followers on Instagram?
Virat Kohli.

Who appointed Captain Amarinder Singh as the Chief Adviser to the Chief Minister of Punjab?
– Prashant Kishore.

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